ZOIC Clothing Commercial Photography


With the focus of the mountain bike industry placed squarely on Whistler during the Crankworx festival for 10 days in mid-August, Coast Mountain was pleased to gain another kind of commercial shoot assignment – athletic apparel catalog photography for ZOIC Clothing for Mountain Bikers. 

This was a challenging shoot where we needed to scout location, find appropriate X-C bike trails, work around the weather and the natural light, and create custom lighting opportunities in the forested setting.  All this without any electrical access of course.  Despite these unusual challenges the results are spectacular.  Special recognition to our Senior photographer Logan Swayze for his keen eye and superb results.  ZOIC is currently running some of these images on their clothing catalog home page, and will also be utilized extensively in the upcoming 2015 clothing printed catalog for industry distribution.  Check out more about ZOIC at www.zoic.com.

Coast Mountain can provide catalog / product / commercial photography on location for your next apparel related photography needs.  Contact us for more information.


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