Would you like Balsamic with that? Nonna Pia commercial food photography.


Nonna Pia Balsamic Reductions is a success story of story book quality.  A young Whistler family started out enhancing italian balsamic vinegars for sale at farmers markets and to local chefs.

Fast forward 5 years and Nonna Pia is a widely distributed, growing North Amercian brand!  Yet for all of their success, they are still very much a family business run from home, with the parents and kids working together.  Funding opportunities for expansion abound, so tune in for the appearance of the Strim Family appearing November 19th on CBC's TV show Dragon's Den. 

To enhance their success, their website has fantastic gourmet food and seasonal recipes all complimented by addition of their vinegar reductions.  For top quality food and beverage commercial photography for their growing brand, Nonna Pia turned to Coast Mountain Photography.  Natasha Strim - President, Nonna Pia's Gourmet Sauces Ltd. on her experience working with Coast's team of top commercial photographers:

"Nonna Pia’s Balsamic Reductions recently has had the pleasure of working with Coast Mountain Photography to update our recipe portfolio. Not only was working with Logan and Scott from Coast Mountain Photography fun, easy and exciting, they took the most amazing food shots of our Infused Balsamic Reductions paired with different food. Together with Logan and Scott we were able to pool together our creative juices and come up with incredible shots that will be used for our website, conventional and social media.  Thank you Coast Photography!"

These shoots required more than camera and lighting gear.  Our team also providing extensive food styling assist, working closely with the client for exactly the results they sought.  For these and other tantalizing fine food photography images, recipes, and more on Nonna Pia, visit their website - www.nonnapias.com.  For more information on our restaurant, hotel, and other food & beverage images, contact us for quotes and availability.


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