Piston Bully Commercial Photo Shoot on Whistler Mountain


The stars literally aligned for this truly unique shoot. With the launch of the newest member of the Piston Bully family, the Green Machine needed a promotional photo to showcase it in all of its glory!

Officially referred to as the 600 E+, this impressive snow cat is the world’s first hybrid grooming machine. While comparable in efficiency with traditional models this cat uses 20% less fuel for the same workload.

At the end of the 2010 Vancouver/ Whistler Olympics , Coast Mountain Photography was contracted by Pisten Bully to shoot aerial commercial promotional images for when Whistler Blackcomb and VANOC staged the most snow cats in one time and place in known history at 44 units. The photos were a huge hit with our corporate clients and were widely showcased as a key promotional tool around the world for Pisten Bully.

When Piston Bully reached out to Coast to document the new 600 E+ snowcat at work in the marketplace, it became clear to us how we could take this shoot to the next level. An idea originally created for our client Whistler Blackcomb and their Earth Hour event was the perfect match. The night shots are composite images; one shot is with the lights on and flashes to light the cat, and then the other one taken for exposing the stars. Clear skies and starry nights can be tough to predict in the Coastal Mountain Range but our talented photographer / weather forecaster Mitchell Winton took calculated advantage of what Mother Nature had available. Photographed against some of the Whistler Alpine’s most scenic backdrops such as Harmony Ridge, Symphony Bowl, Upper Peak to Creek, and Whistler Peak these were the first promotional images created outside of the factory.

At Coast Mountain Photo we pride ourselves in accepting challenges in stride. Working on a tight time frame and operational logistics, the park cat shoot had a 1 hr window between closing to the public and being able to safely vacate the mountain. Take into account the time needed to groom the jump and place logos and we were down to the wire with 30 minutes to shoot, pack down, and ski out.   We enjoy the challenges inherent in shooting on location, outdoor promotions for the touri and travel industry and it’s related suppliers, such as Pisten Bully.

As for client feedback, our contact at Pisten Bully had this to say of the final images:

"The 600 E+ shots are stellar.  Especially the evening shots. It rolls from sundown to stars.  Nice.

Good overall sampling of images from different angles and perspectives.  I’ll be able to work with these for sure.  The Park Pro Snowcat came out good as well.   Thanks for getting me the shots with the Park Pro framed by the logo billboards as I had requested.

Thanks again.  Always a pleasure to work with you and Coast Photography."

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