Pique Newsmagazine’s best of pemberton edition


Pique Newsmagazine is one of Canada’s most awarded community newspapers, and is highly regarded for its editorial coverage, artwork, and photography.

So when Pique needs strong editorial photography to showcase winners of its annual reader driven Best of Editions (Best of Pemberton, Best of Whistler), they count on the team at Coast Mountain Photography. 

This year is our 5th year shooting Best of Pemberton, and here we have included some images that did not make the editors cut as seen in the July 7th edition featuring the winners for your viewing pleasure.

A few notes about this shoot – mid-day summer solstice sunshine! Sounds good right? Not so good for photography however. Top down light experienced mid day has an unflattering effect on the face by casting harsh shadows etc. We get around this through a number of photography techniques. Shooting backlit, using off camera fill flash, staying indoors, and waiting til later in the day are all tools in our repertoire for creating compelling images in harsh light.

A special congratulations to the new Barn Nork Thai Restaurant in Mt Currie. The food there is fabulous, and the place is run by an authentic Thai family that is lovely to deal with. That location can be challenging, but the food is worth the effort to get over to that side of town.

Have a challenging photo shoot need in your future? Coast Mountain is ready to help with editorial style photography as well as commercial work to help businesses succeed through improved images. Along with local businesses, Coast Mountain also helps numerous Fortune 500 companies with images for events and promotions on a weekly basis. Contact us to get a quote for your next project.





Photographers: Brad Kasselman and Shea Macneil