Octanorm International Meeting, Vancouver 2016


It’s always great when guests join in on a meeting that draws guests from around the world to Vancouver. 

One of things that makes it so great is to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment people from all corners of the world receive when spending time in Vancouver and Whistler.

Recently Coast Mountain Photography was fortunate to have one of these happy groups come to town and engage us for a full 7 days of photography coverage.  Octanorm is a German based worldwide supplier of recyclable trade show modular systems that serve as the ‘spine’ of sophisticated trade show exhibits.  Private design/manufacture firms from around the world are members of the ’OSPI’ network in order to have access to Octanorm’s excellent and environmentally progressive products.

And once every 2 years, the OSPI network joins together for a conference to engage with each other, share ideas and success, and learn what’s new in the industry.  Thanks to the introduction of a great event planner, Coast spent a full 7 days covering meetings, social events, portraits, awards, and a show-stopping 250 person group portrait of the entire ‘family’.  The lovely Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver served as the host hotel for the event.  The event then headed to Whistler for leisure, activities, and chance to enjoy the super natural setting there.

This group really enjoys and appreciates the power of photography for the enjoyment of their guests and for all the necessary corporate communications with this international network.  Hans Bruder, Founder and CEO of Octanorm and the OSPI network had this to say about the quality of his photography experience with Coast Mountain:

We have been holding these meetings around the world 16 times in 16 different locations, and this has been the best and most engaging photography experience that we have ever had.  Thank you for making this meeting even more successful and memorable.  Fantastic!

While we’ve had this kind of unsolicited and flattering testimonial before, we never get tired of hearing it.  Special thanks to Hans, Octanorm, and all of the wonderful members of the OSPI network.

Photographer: Brad Kasselman