Vega Whistler Eco Tours (WET) – Mini Olympics.


At the end of July, a Vancouver based health nutrition company Vega came up to Whistler for a team building event.  As part of their retreat to Whistler they participated in Whistler Eco Tour’s

fun and dynamic Mini Olympics activity. Coast Mountain Photography was retained to document this athletic 3-hour team building activity at Rainbow Park.

The group was split into 12 teams and WET set up 6 different stations for the teams to participate in.  With activities ranging from volleyball, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, running, cycling relays and hop-skip-jump, the participants tested their athletic abilities and everyone gave it their all.

Photographing the event was a pleasure as the participants experienced some new sports and excelled in others that are part of their weekly regiment.  Not to mention everyone chose their own country and the competitions began fierce.  Yet everyone came together at the end for an award ceremony and a large group portrait of 115 people.  As Vega is a fitness based nutritional manufacturer, the staff youthful exuberance and focus on healthy lifestyles made the events even more competitive.

Whistler Eco Tours Mini Olympics provides a wonderful way for groups to take advantage of the various activities WET offers, only with a twist!  From canoeing, kayaking, biking and SUP’ing, it’s a fantastic and fun social event. Team building at its finest!

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