Leadership Achievement Seminar 2017 by Amway Japan


Every once in a while, Coast Mountain is fortunate to again access to events of such scale that it pushes the limits of our relatively large event photography team. Amway Japan did just that.

With great fanfare, Amway Japan rolled into town over 2 days as it takes 2 days to move that many guests from overseas. With Amway banners on display at Vancouver’s airport as well as along all light standards on Granville Street between 16th and 33rd avenues, it was hard to miss this vibrant and animated group.

Throughout the program, Coast Mountain Photography acted as event photo suppliers for Amway Japan with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 11 photographers at work at any given time! We’re very proud of our ability to scale up to handle large events, but this one was especially challenging.

On both activity days for example, Coast fielded shooters in Vancouver, Richmond, Victoria, Whistler, and North Vancouver. To converse on a deeper level with guests, we also provided 4 translators to help us capture the best possible engagement. The best 20 images from each event were rush edited and sent to Japan for daily Facebook uploads and daily e-newsletters which were shared with the entire Amway Japan network of seven hundred thousand people!

We also provided our largest group portrait ever – all 2500pax – as captured from an elevated position on the Vancouver Convention Centre Exhibition Hall. The most amazing part (attn: meeting planners) - this portrait was completed in less than 5 minutes! The client directive to keep energy and event flow moving was taken to heart, so rehearsals and a strict photo protocol was put in place. Also helpful was the amazing lighting wash as provided by Event Production contractor partner E=MC2. Congratulations to Tony and his team for an amazing and smooth production program.

With an incredible array of outdoor activities, impressive parties, and a Grand Banquet worthy of a rock star (there was one performing – Kelly Clarkson), Amway Japan once again provided an incredible destination travel experience for their top level distributors from Japan. And to a large extent, Whistler and Vancouver were also winners. Based on the incredible smiles, feedback and fun had by all, we’re confident this part of the world is about to get a massive word of mouth boost back in Japan.

Special thanks to the whole Coast Mountain photo team and our clients from Amway Japan. Despite language barriers and large volumes of guests to capture, our crew created memorable and magazine quality photography regardless of location or requirement. We’re pleased to share a cross section of the photography with you here.

For events LARGE and small, count on Coast Mountain Photography to execute with no loss of attention to detail.




Scott Brammer / Brad Kasselman / Shea Macneil / Rob Perry / Matt Sylvester / Rich Glass / Lubi M / Matt D'Urban Jackson / Clare Hodgetts