BC Tourism Conference and Industry Awards 2017


Emceed by former Olympian Charmain Crooks, the best and brightest of BC’s booming Tourism Industry came together for their annual Conference as organized by the Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC). TIABC is BC’s chapter of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada

This annual event includes a fabulous array of guest speakers, excellent tourism industry networking, and a glimpse into the future of BC’s tourism sector. Some of the speaker highlights included:

Sunny Lenarduzzi - A very interesting talk on social media and how to use it to gain more customers/clients. Sunny has an incredible history and portfolio in getting companies’ social media numbers to sky rocket. She was the first person to have a company receive one billion social media impressions in a single day. She spoke on the importance of using social media in modern day business.

Jon Mamela - Destination Canada "In the Zone"

He provided a compelling presentation on tourism in Canada as a whole and where it stands in the international rankings for tourism. He spoke of how a few years back not many international travelers had Canada on their list of travel destinations or simply not knowing much about what Canada offers. Then he chronicled how recently the awareness factor for travel to Canada has been changing at a staggering pace.

Jowi Taylor - Six String Nation

During the final luncheon, Jowi Taylor spoke about his project the "Six String Nation" guitar - a guitar that has been custom built completely out of a combination of items from all through canada including bits of trees, a Stanley Cup ring, a piece from a chair at Massey Hall, moose bone, caribou antler etc etc. All pieces come from different corners of Canada combining much of the country’s history. You can find out more about it here:


Our photographer Shea Macneil provided some interesting context about his own impression of the learning to be gained at this unique event:

I really enjoyed the event. It made me really proud to live in BC. I learned so much about areas of BC that I had never known about, and it made me realize just how much BC has to offer. I was shocked to hear the numbers on how fast BC tourism is growing and how many international visitors we’re able to attract. 

For those who are not yet familiar with the excellent work provided by Walt Judas (CEO) and TIABC, please consider getting to know them better at www.tiabc.ca. TIABC advocates for the interests of BC's visitor economy, and works with its members to ensure the best environment for a competitive tourism

coastphoto.com/events, www.tiabc.ca, https://www.destinationcanada.com/en

Photographer: Shea Macneil