Coast celebrates 20 years as proud sponsors of the 2017 Whistler Cup


For the past 20 years, Coast Mountain Photography has been a proud Sponsor of and photography supplier to the Whistler Cup juvenile ski race competition for kids from all over the world aged 12-15. 

Every April, the world’s best ski racers in that age group assemble in Whistler for 3 days of ski competitions and the related fun that accompanies such a unique collection of over 400 kids.

This year, the Whistler Cup also recognizes its 25th year in existence.  Through hard work, long hours, tons of volunteers efforts, and the continuous support of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club brain trust, this event has truly stood the test of time.  These trials include gaining and losing title sponsors, the support of the Canadian Government, and much more.  

At this juncture the Whistler Cup is alive and well, including a highly engaged title sponsor Mackenzie Financial, and 440 international athletes from 24 countries!

Our sponsorship includes providing custom event sponsor and archival documentation coverage, a fabulous Photo booth at the big banquet, a custom slide show of the best race action and candid portraits, and team portraits. Kids also enjoy our top quality race action and start gate photography, available after the races and online at our Web gallery  We also post dynamic start gate action, casual portraits, and fun candid photography of pre-race and parade activities for kids to review.

Special recognition is due to our talented team of race photographers, post production specialists, and sales specialists.  Duties include shooting through constantly changing weather conditions (especially this year), rush editing and printing for pre-sales prep, and dealing with voracious youth wanting to look at all of their photos at the same time. Plus our staff helping the kids enjoy the Photo booth without destroying it requires further vigilance. 

To get a feel for the fun, camaraderie, and high performance race action, go to And congratulations to the Whistler Mountain Ski Club on the 25th anniversary of the Whistler Cup !!!