Events large and small, or even really large: Whistler Cup 2013


We're proud of our 15+ years as Official Photo Sponsor for the Whistler Cup - one of the top 2 ski races in the world for ages 12~15.

Our commitment as Official Photo Sponsor includes: team portraits for 18 countries etc., 3 races shot per racer x 400+ kids, extensive sponsor documentation and sponsor ski day, all awards/medal ceremonies shot, and a photo slide show montage of all of the kids prep, fun, camaraderie and more - rushed to play at the final banquet.  Plus, selling race photography x 1200 items to kids and parents = a massive staff commitment, and precise logistics to make it all work smoothly over 4 days!  Here's a look inside.....

"The Whistler Mountain Ski Club and Whistler Cup love to work with Coast Mountain Photography. The team is very professional and always goes the extra length to make things happen, and they spend extra time making sure we are happy with the end product. Their images are fantastic - we highly recommend them!"  

Christiane Loring, Event Organizer for the Whistler Mountain Ski Club

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