Zero Ceiling – From the Streets to the Peaks


Zero Ceiling is a Whistler based program focused on enhancing the lives of at risk and homeless youth by offering mountain based adventure learning experiences.

Throughout its 18 years of existence, the main opportunity to introduce the mountain life culture has been through skiing and snowboarding. This has now expanded to include the summer adrenaline seeker’s favourite past time – mountain biking.

To support this excellent endeavour, Coast Mountain Photography donated a custom action bike park photo shoot at the request of Zero Ceiling. The shoot focused on spending a day in the bike park with these participants to document just what is it that makes this program inspire such a lifestyle change.

Geared up and ready to ride, we met with the group of 4 to hit the trails and have some fun. Individual riding abilities varied from just starting out to seasoned and ready to show off their skills, there was a great energy and sense of camaraderie amongst them. The weather turned from a persistent West Coast drizzle, to rainy, and finally to baton down the hatches monsoon storm like conditions, the group just wanted to keep riding and having fun so we soaked it up and had a great day ripping around in the mud.

“The photos look great! Please thank Logan again for us, it was an awesome day." – Sean Easton / Program Coordinator.

Below are a few of the photos from the day. Coast Mountain Photography has a team of shooters who are in the park 7 days a week. We set up custom lighting gear triggered remotely on specific trail features to capture everyone that comes through. Follow us on Instagram @bikeparkphotos for up to date trail locations and shoot times. Photos can be viewed at or at our gallery in the Carleton Lodge.

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