A Magical Winter Wedding with a Touch of Star Wars


Weddings are always special and photographers do whatever it takes to produce meaningful images that will last a lifetime. This is not so easy to do. So when our Director of Photography Scott Brammer mentioned a lightsaber scene from his last wedding, my interest was piqued.

Enter Micah and Steve from Texas, who came to Whistler to enjoy a small winter solstice wedding at the Nita Lake Lodge. Scott’s wedding photography captured the unique intimacy of this small, romantic setting and something a little extra. As they were wrapping up the shoot, the newly married couple received a text from Mom who was back home. She wanted to see some images! When told we were still shooting she said make sure you get a lightsaber pose. Well it turns out these two are big Star Wars fans, along with the photographer, so in the spirit of the Stars Wars mania sweeping the world, he staged a unique light-sabre portrait, with a special touch of post production magic by Scott.

Please enjoy some scenes from this couple’s winter wedding elopement, and Scott’s immense talent as both a creative wedding photographer and a master of editing to create a truly unique collection of images. For a deeper look into our wedding photographer portfolios, please go to www.coastmountainweddings.com for a look at 3 different photographers images. We shoot anywhere, on location, and in any weather condition.

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