West Coast Commercial Photography for CIBC Bank


CIBC expands its presence on Whistler Blackcomb with help from CMP

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, or CIBC has become a major partner with Whistler Blackcomb Mountains in the last few years.  Not satisfied with the standard signage and logo play regimen, CIBC has put its brand to work in new and unusual ways as part of its growing partnership.

Working with their Advertising Agency of record and marketing staff at CIBC, Coast Mountain Photography has proven instrumental in CIBC’s ability to communicate its brand message as part of its involvement with the ski mountains.


Starting with the world’s first Ski-Thru ATM at the Roundhouse level of Whistler Mountain, CIBC has broken the mold of typical bank outreach efforts.  This concept supports its brand promise “Banking that fits your life” by bringing the ATM right onto the slopes!  One can actually ski up to the ATM for banking activities, and they even designed a pole and glove holder to make it even easier to use.  And there’s no need to remove skis or snowboards either.


Coast Mountain Photography received 2 commercial assignments to document the ATM in all its glory.  First we captured a super panoramic of the Ski-Thru ATM with the impressive Coast Mountain range backdrop in massive resolution.  The image was created from a series of multiple high resolution photographs stitched together creating a massive 1 GB file – enough to crash most computers if one tries to open it.  Uses for this massive panorama include this display in Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport, once again supporting CIBC’s brand through this relaxing rest area within the main terminal.  Other large format print applications are also currently under consideration.

Another shoot assignment came when the CIBC mascot Percy the Penguin was installed atop the Ski-Thru ATM this past January.  In order to generate notoriety in the social media world / blogosphere, CIBC once again came to Coast Mountain to capture a new promotional image with models utilizing the Ski-Thru ATM.  In continuing with its efforts to create unique banking experiences, once can make Percy spin on his snowboard by tweeting @CIBC with the hashtag #SkiThruATM.


While the shots capture a relatively scenic day, the truth is one may have to wait for a weather window – this shot took 2.5 weeks of waiting to complete, and of course was captured on short notice when the sun made an unscheduled appearance.  Such is life in cold, snowy, and beautiful Whistler BC !

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Photographer: Jon Hair