In-Box Photo Booth

Our ‘In-Box’ Photo Booth not only prints in seconds, send your images to Facebook or e-mail instantly.

There are a lot of Photo Booths out there – mainly operated by non-photographers with little of the creative spirit you can expect from Coast Mountain Photography.  All things being equal, we’re ready to give your event a superior Photo Booth experience with ‘In-Box’.  Select the service as an enclosed 5’ x 5’ white tent and truly express yourself, or in an open space so more guests can join in the fun.  Each adventure behind the curtain provides between one and four chances to bring out your funniest and best expressions - the results are printed instantly and posted on line (password protect as needed).  Oh the fun you'll’s almost as much fun watching the guests file out of the Booth!

Take advantage of our epic tickle trunk of funny props, hats, sunglasses, boa’s, moustaches, and more.  Or, we’ll source or make custom props to enhance themed parties just for you.  The coolest part – the ability to instantly SHARE photos right from our booth to Facebook, or e-mail.  And all Photo Booths come with unlimited prints and a free download photo web gallery.

We love to see how our Photo Booth will animate any event, provide branding opportunities to sponsors, and allow people to ‘let their hair down’ so to speak.  By the end of the night, most guests come back 3 or 4 times for more action.  For weddings, corporate events, community outreach, product launches, golf tournaments, proms - Any event is simply better with our ‘In-Box’ Photo Booth.


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